Friday, July 29, 2011


Back from vacation and as usual the story has changed for our respite foster child's future.  This whole first time respite foster thing has been crazy, there is no other word for it.

When I started doing respite care I was told that E--- would be with his Grandma at the end of June.  Enter his new DHS worker, the first words out of his mouth upon meeting me were: "Do you want to adopt E----?"

This new DHS worker has been fighting against E----'s reunification with his parents, and against E---'s grandmother who wants to take over his care via kinship care.  He was doing this in the face of the court order for reunification.

Now DHS has decided to support his grandmother taking over his care.  While we will miss E----, I know that it is best for him to be with his family if there is a safe and loving option there for him.

It has been astounding over the last few months to go from "just respite" care, to doing A LOT of care for him, to "will you be pre-adoptive for him?" and now to "he will probably go home with Grandma in a few weeks.

What a dizzying ride this last 10 weeks has been.  To be honest I feel sad when I think about him leaving, but also relieved that I won't be raising another child (we did not choose foster care as a way to expand our family).

Am I up for this emotional whiplash...?

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