Sunday, August 21, 2011

A boy

Mike and I have 4 daughters, we have never parented a boy.

This made it doubly exciting when E-- arrived in our home.  This was a whole new ball game for us.

This boy was a blessing in our home.

Our family rallied around him.  A new positive energy was springing up all over the place.

We had FUN with E---.  He was fun and funny, this helped create a common good for our family.

Interestingly Mike was the last one to fall in love with E---.  But, when he did he was all in.

E--- was the first one he said "HEY!" to when he came home from work everyday.   He bathed E---, played with him and watched "football news" with him every night.

Our first experience in foster care has been a good one.


  1. Ahhaha! We have three girls, and we are secretly hoping that we will have a foster son soon! Of course, another girl would fit in here pretty well too! :)

  2. We now have our second baby boy and it is so much fun. You are right though, a girl will always fit right in at our house too.
    I hope you have your license soon!