Wednesday, August 10, 2011


E--- has been fussy this week.  He is teething, or is it something else?

There have been many changes for E--- since he came to us.  He learned to crawl, stand and walk 3 or 4 steps.

He moved from toothless to having a small toothy grin.

He laughs, babbles and makes spity raspberry noises and plays peek-a-boo.

Best of all about 3 weeks ago, after spending an afternoon at his first foster Mom's house to see DHS and his social worker, he saw me come in the door and put his little head down and crawled as fast as he could to me.

E--- is a very easy going baby, he doesn't cry when strangers hold him or carry him across the room.  He can be satisfied hanging out and playing with anyone who has toys and food.

We have been concerned that while his laid back ways are an asset for a baby moving around the foster care system and make visits easy for his parents and me, that it may not be normal.

It is hard to tell.  He doesn't seem to have had a special bond with his first foster Mom who had him full time for 6 months.

Now he sometimes reaches for me when he is being held by someone he doesn't know well, and once again he crawled happily over to me in a room full of social works and foster Moms.

I am feeling some relief in the fact that he will probably go home to Grandma next week.

I want E--- to settle in and truly be at home somewhere, so that he can start the important work of forming a loving bond with someone who will be there for him into his adulthood, his Grandma.

Has he been fussy because he knows that change is coming?  Can he feel us subtly withdrawing emotionally from him?

I hope not.

I hope he is fussy because he finally feels safe enough to give voice to his dissatisfaction.

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