Friday, August 5, 2011

A hard day

I am trying to come up with the best way to let Dolly know that E---- is probably going to his grandma in a week or so.  She is the most attached to him.  She loves E----.   She gets down on the floor and plays, she makes bottles, she cuddles and kisses, picks out clothes and most impressive of all she changes poopy diapers.

Dolly has been on vacation with a friend all week.

I did not want to tell her via text.

This is the hardest part of foster care so far.  We knew that E---- would probably go home to his family, but when we were asked to be pre-adoptive for him it made us all imagine him as a permanent member of the family.

But, now we know that Grandma will most likely take him home with her after his court date.

Dolly is on her way home now.  I guess I will just tell it like it is.  I abhor the chilling shock I feel when I hear bad news, and would like to spare her this feeling.

This is the life we have chosen as foster parents, and on days like this it really sucks.

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