Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nesting or back to school?

After getting the carpet SO clean in our foster care bedroom, I tackled the closets.  This room has two large closets, one is full of cubbies and the other is for hanging clothes.

Both were full of junk, stored items, packing supplies and other things that I "collect", to put it nicely.

I pared down the stuff in both closets and put all of my things in boxes and a filing cabinet in one closets, which left the cubby closet clean and ready for LOTS of baby/toddler things.

Feels a bit like I am nesting, but I often get this way during back to school time too, so much sorting, storing, buying and giving away.* 

Right now I am wondering why, after E--- being gone for over a week, we have not received a call from our agency?

One comical thing happened while I was waiting for E---'s DHS worker to to call about the results of his court date.  My agency called and asked whether I was open for a respite and was I now willing to take a placement?

 I explained that I still had E--- .  But I let them know that I was still interested in respite care and was now interested in a permanent placement.

We went over some details: we only want one child at a time and any child age 0-2 yrs. works for us, etc.

But still no call.

*I am eternally grateful that there is a wonderful thrift shop up the road from me.  This allows me to move things I no longer need or use along to someone else who can love/use them.  And I don't end up wasting space storing things I don't need but are too nice to throw out.

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