Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I broke down and called our foster care agency's admissions guy today.

Dolly has been hounding me to call Mr. P (our admissions guy), she REALLY wants another baby in the house.

It felt awkward, but in all the months we have been doing respite care we have never gone over two weeks without a call from our agency.

I told them weeks ago we now felt ready for a permanent placement, in fact when I called Mr. P I don't think he remembered we had gone over this same information over two weeks ago.

So, we went over it all again.  Maybe he didn't put us in his database the last time we spoke?  I am not sure, but I felt so silly calling him that I did not want to go into the fact that he had called me weeks ago and therefore should already know all of our "stuff" already.

I am torn between "just letting it happen" and being confident that the a child in need will come to us when the time is right, and actively trying to prepare and pester my agency. 

I am not the pestering type, so this did not come naturally for me and felt just plain weird, but Mr. P did thank me for checking in.

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