Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you do with gifts?

What do you do with clothing, toys or baby supplies that your foster child's parents or grandparents give to you?

I know a foster Mom of 6 years who puts all of the above mentioned items in a box to be given back to the parents or grandparents when the child reunites with them.

I have this box.

I am going to give it to E--'s grandma at our next visit, because he is scheduled to go home in a week or so and his first foster Mom asked that I give it to his family at our next visit.

One less box or bag to carry to the transfer.

When I look in this box I feel sad.  There are brand new clothes, baby wash, blankets and shoes.

I know in a house full of kids it is hard to keep track of gifts from Mom and Dad and Grandparents; but I can't help thinking that if I gave a gift to a child of mine who was in foster care I would like to think he played with the toy I chose or wore the clothes I bought.

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