Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Foster Care?

Why did you sign up for foster care?

There are probably as many reasons as there are foster parents.

Many people get into foster care to build their families, others feel called upon to help children, these seem to be the most common reasons.

I feel that there must be many many reasons that foster parents keep to themselves as to why they became involved in foster care.  And probably many reasons that cannot even be articulated.

All I know is that over two years ago I felt called to foster care.  Now, by "called" I do not mean that God called me to foster care, although he may have, it did not feel like a religious calling.

Foster care seemed like a good idea to me.  Which was a little surprising to me because I had never been an over the top fan of babies and children.  I loved my children of course, but I did not seek out contact with other children or babies.  I was actually happier as my children got older and could communicate with words.

I very much enjoy my teenage children, most of the time.

For me to feel called to caring for babies came as a surprise, but the feeling was strong.

It took me a while to convince Mike to get on board with me.  The economy didn't help as we have lost 40% of our income over the past 3 years.  But once we went to training we were hooked.

We were finally approved in Feb 2011.  We decided to start out in respite care, but are now feeling ready for a placement.

The bottom line is that I am still not clear on my motivations for taking on foster care.  It feels good to give a child or baby a safe and loving home.  So far the good has outweighed the difficult.

Maybe I am just a stay at home Mom who wants more work at home to avoid going back into the workforce?

Whatever the reasons and motivations truly are my journey into foster care has felt like a huge accomplishment, a giant step outside of my comfort zone.  And I LOVE it.

I may need to revisit this topic when I am less of a newbie to foster care.

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