Saturday, September 3, 2011

Car seats expire?

Who knew?  Not me. 

I bought a fabulous infant carrier type car seat that regularly sells for $179 for $50 at my favorite bi-yearly huge consignment sale.  This seat is the awesome kind that I simply clip into the small built in attachment bars for car seats in my back seat.  (Who knew my 9 year old car would be so incredible?). 

I always hated installing car seats back in the day, with their safety clips that were so hard to get on the seat belt correctly. It was overwhelming to move or take out the car seat lest I lose the perfect position of the hated clip that kept the whole thing safe.

These kind of car seats with their two mini seat latchy thingies are my new favorite things.

When I brought this new miracle seat home and was looking it over and printing out the user guide I noticed something odd on the inside of the removable base.  There was a "manufactured on" date and below that it said, and I quote: "Do not use after Oct 13 2014". 

Does this seat turn into a pumpkin in Oct of 2014?

I don't get it.

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