Friday, September 9, 2011

Finola's Story Part 2

July was a huge month for the family and Brody.  We got a call from the agency asking us if we would commit to being Brody's pre adoptive home.  This means if his Grandmother doesn't do what she needs to do to get custody of him, would we adopt him?  The world stopped for me.  It was all I could think about.  Will Brody be my brother?  I've never had a brother before, I have three sisters.  Can I be a good sister to him if I'm going to leave for college soon?  What if he gives Mom and Dad too much trouble when he's older?  He could have a great life with my family.  It might be fun to have a brother.  But it might be better for him to grow up with his biological family.  I felt very conflicted about the whole situation.  But as always I had my Mother as the voice of reason who would keep reminding us he will most likely go to live with his Grandma.

The rest of July and through mid August was spent with hanging out with Brody.  I had to remember to hide my cell phone or he would take it from me and suck on it, we ended up buying him a toy smart phone so he could have his own cell phone to safely throw around.  As Brody grew he became more vocal, almost like he was singing.  I myself spend a lot of time singing around the house so we would sing together, one of our favorites to sing was 'crazy for you' by Adele.  As I sang he would try to match my notes with his little 'oos'.  My love for him grew especially because there was a chance he would soon be my brother.  His court date was in the middle of August, and was swiftly approaching.

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