Saturday, October 29, 2011

Foster Care Blogs

I have become a little obsessed with reading foster care blogs.  I learn so much and feel less alone in my own very green journey into foster care.

I crave the recommendations and guidance they provide and I enjoy learning from the good the bad and the ugly stories of the foster care experience.

The blogs I read are a priceless resource.  I feel blessed to be joining the foster care team in a time and place that allows for such an instant look into the shared experiences of a group of people I would have never known existed were in not for the internet.


  1. Agreed! The physical support network where I live is almost non-existent. Our agency used to have "support group" about 20 minutes away from our house. But it was little more than a training session and a place to pick up your per diam check. And because it fell right during dinner - and I've got so many kids - it wasn't practical for us to try and attend. Now the closest support group is during the day about an hour away. It won't work at all.

    I get the best "training" from the foster parent blogs anyway. The authors are truly in the trenches and understand the kids. I really appreciate their stories and advice.

    I agree with you. The blogs are a priceless resource. I certainly know I'm not alone in this adventure!

  2. I am enjoying reading about your first experience with an infant... I am pursuing foster care with orientation and training coming up this month. I don't have any children, nor have I really had much experience spending extended time with babies, so I am very much engrossed with and relying on all the foster mama blogs that tell the story of how to care for the little ones, and manage the system. Hopefully, I will have my first placement by the end of the year.