Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An odd meeting

Primo has a GAL (guardian ad litem) who is a lawyer, I guess this is usually the case in foster care.  The social worker from this lawyers office came to visit.  There is a court date in November.

She was an hour late and very biased.

She came to do a safety inspection of our home and to get information about Primo's life  with us.

She asked if I had smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, but never asked to see them.

She told me flat out that she believes Primo and his siblings, who were in care before he was born with another agency (but share the same GAL) should be put up for adoption.

She went on to say that they have a few foster parents, and I quote, "of means" and it is always a "Fairy Tale Story" for the lucky kids who get adopted into those homes.  I was embarrassed.  But she still had not seen where Primo sleeps, she probably never would have, but at that point in our conversation I interrupted and asked if she would like to see where he sleeps.

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