Monday, October 10, 2011

Primo's life book, how to start?

I ordered Primo a Baby Memory Calendar and a Baby Book, but I am having trouble starting.

Maybe I should have just started a more generic life book?

I adore the Baby Book my Mom put together for me.

My girls love reviewing their Baby Books every couple of years, there are memories written down in those books that would have been completely forgotten if I had not put pen to book for them.

But for every page with an empty family tree, or blank lists of gifts and "special visitors" and bare pages demanding details of baby showers I know nothing about,  I have no answers for Primo.

Should I ask his Mom to fill out those pages?

Or should I just remove those pages and fill out the ones I have information and memories for?

I never thought this would be so difficult.

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  1. I've always done lifebooks on blank scrapbook pages. For the babies, I just devote a page or two for each month with a picture, what they were eating, any milestones/accomplishments, how often they visited, and some funny stories. I also gave a page to their birth story (what I knew about it)- the caseworker gave me a copy of their birth certs for the lifebook. This is especially important if you ever adopt. Many adopted children do not have access to their original birth certificates because they are issued new ones with their adoptive parents' names on it.

    Since you already have the baby book, I would you use it. You can still list presents that you received for him. Did his Mom send anything for him to your house? What was the 1st thing you bought for him? Maybe you had a family dinner when he came to you? That could be written on the baby shower page. "special visitors" could be a great place to write when he visits his family or maybe his caseworker/attorney/CASA's name?

    If I hd to fill out a family tree for my kids, I would write down what I knew bout parents/grandparents and leave it at that.

    Make sure you make color copies of it if Primo goes home. You put so much work in it- you deserve to have a copy too.