Friday, November 4, 2011

The first week

Primo is having a REAL nap right now.  He has only had a few of these over the last 6 weeks.  These naps lasting more than half an hour make my day infinitely happier.  Who knew I could feel happy about cleaning the kitchen, folding 3 loads of laundry and paying the bills, but happy I am.

The first week Primo was with us was beyond exhausting.  It felt a bit like I was in shock.  There was so many appointments, so many new things to learn, lack of sleep and the house felt like it was falling down around me.

As this is my first placement I am hoping the next ones may be easier.  But I think that any time you take in a child there will be an adjustment period.

Routine was my best friend, and there was not a lot of routine with a month old baby.  Luckily my kids and husband helped set up new routines.  Mike took over the food shopping and cooking in the evenings.  I napped every day.

Slowly we created a routine at night with me doing the feedings and Mike changing diapers.

I really could not get enough routine, and Primo could not be routine enough at his age.

Time helped.  I was literally bleary eyed tired the first week, I couldn't drive or do anything with the exception of napping whenever Primo napped.

The second week was a little easier and it has been getting better ever since.

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  1. In my opinion it takes a couple months to get "in to routine" after a placement. No matter the age. It's a HUGE adjustment!!

    Yours will probably take quite awhile too because you're dealing with an infant and you don't have those wonderful pregnancy hormones surging through your body. I remember after Cherub 2 came in to our lives how exhausted I was. Thrilled to have a baby in the house but tired beyond ANYTHING I had ever felt before.

    Time will help. And just when you get in to a routine you like, CPS will throw a curve ball and things will change again. :)