Monday, November 21, 2011

Foster care wall

I hit a foster care wall this weekend.

The only time I had alone this last weekend was when I went out to stock up on enormous boxes of diapers and wipes.  Because the last thing I want to be running out to get during the crazy holiday crowds are diapers and wipes.  (My goal this year is to do all of my Christmas shopping online.)

The lack of sleep, the hard foster care decisions, the Thanksgiving guests heading my way, and not taking any time out for myself this weekend along with Primo getting sick and then the rest of the family getting sick culminated in a super low point for me.

I felt like a zombie by Sunday night and went to bed early while Primo and Mike watched the Sunday night football game.

I woke up around 12:30 AM to find that Primo was not in his bassinet.  I was in a panic.  

I quickly realized that Mike was not in bed either, so I dashed to the guest/Primo's room to find both Mike and Primo snoring away.  Relief.

I was able to sleep straight through until 8:30, which has helped relieve my low.

But the bottom line is that Primo's chances of going home with his siblings are disintegrating before my eyes and it is extremely hard to watch.

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