Tuesday, November 15, 2011

True Dat Tuesday

I came across a quote yesterday that truly spoke to me about foster care.

I am growing a bit weary of most people's response to our starting foster care being the typical "I could never do foster care, I couldn't send those children back to a bad situation", or something about "the heartbreak of letting a child you love go".

I am sure you have had many similar responses if you are a foster parent too.

The truth about life is that we are never guaranteed a long life with the ones we love.  Couples divorce, beloved spouses die, children die before their parents and parents die when they still have young children.

Here is the quote:

“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either. For solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.”

~ Louise Erdrich (The Painted Drum)

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