Thursday, December 1, 2011


Despite my best efforts to delay this day, December has arrived!

There is so much to do to get ready for Christmas and I have a couple of December birthdays to prepare for too.

This December I have the added delight of having Primo with us for Christmas.  My girls are very excited about buying him little gifts and making sure he has a stocking to hang at the fireplace.

When I think about Primo's parents being without him and his siblings this Christmas I feel the urge to alleviate some of their suffering with gifts.  But, what to give?  I tend to go over board when I know someone is in true need during the holidays.  I send anonymous Christmas cards full of grocery, mall and gas gift cards.

Every Christmas I wonder, why shouldn't I spend the same amount of  money on families in trouble or in severe need of comfort, as I spend on my own family?

I also think it would be nice for Primo to give his siblings a gift for Christmas.

I'm not sure what the etiquette for gift giving and foster care is exactly, is there such a thing?

I'm thinking I will be best off giving a small personalized gift to Primo's parents, any ideas?  And what about his siblings?

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  1. I struggle with this same thing! I think this year for the boys' mom I am going to give her an ornament (probably hand made) with a picture of all the boys on it. I also had the little boys (they are 2 and 3) make little ornaments...they are not pretty, but they are home-made with love and who wouldn't want something like that?? For a baby, maybe you can do something like a scrap book of pictures, or maybe a Christmas ornament or something with his hand print or footprint on it?

    Siblings also might like a picture of him in a little frame, or something like that. I'm not sure how old they are. We have pictures of the boys' mom in their room, and they like to look at it. They have a little magnetic corkboard (bought at WalMart for I think $10 or maybe even less) that we can pin pictures or whatever on.