Saturday, January 14, 2012

"He could just stay here forever"

These are the words that have been echoing around our home lately.

Dolly said them to me last week and then Vivienne said almost the same words yesterday.

Mike and I agreed that after having become pre-adoptive for E, and having him leave we would not talk about adopting any of our foster children until we were officially asked to consider it.

I have found that you may be asked about adoption, even if the case doesn't seem to be going that way, by someone involved in the case within 2 days of a placement.

This has proven to be a hard agreement to keep.  Two months ago we felt fine with our decision not to adopt Primo.

The simple truth is that he feels like part of our family now.  It was just about 4 months ago that Primo came through our door.  I cannot imagine how we would feel if he was here for a year or longer?

As much as we all love Primo every now and then I do imagine how much sleep I would get if he did leave us.  It feels like I could sleep for a week straight.  It sounds a bit shallow, but I believe that given the constant push and pull of foster care I am forced to look at both sides of the coin and find what good I can on both sides.

Just as I was finishing up this post Finola came into the room and gave Primo a kiss while saying, "You're just too cute to stay here anymore."

"What does that mean?"  I asked.

"I'm just too attached!"  Finola replied as she swept out of the room.

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