Monday, January 9, 2012


I had heard horror stories about the paper work involved with foster care.  Not the paper work you must complete to become licensed, that IS crazy paper work.  I am talking about the paper work you have to keep up with when you have a child in your home.

So far I only have to fill out two pieces of paper a month, one of them is two sided, and one of them I only had the first month Primo was here.

I fill out a Foster Care Monthly Statement, which includes recording a list of doctor and specialist  appointments, diagnosis and prescriptions.  Along with a very brief school info section and a section to list my transportation reimbursements for travel to doctor appointments and visits.

The other form I am supposed to send to my agency every month is a paper recording doctors appointments again and any medications, doses and times given.  After the first one I filled out for the first month Primo was with us I have not been able to get my hands on another.  I have asked Primo's social worker in person, via e-mail and voice mail for this illusive form, and now after almost 4 months with Primo in our home I still don't have it.  This is not too big a deal as he doesn't take any regular medicines and I do record his doctor appointments on the Monthly Statement.

I also copy every piece of paper I fill out and send to my agency, and keep my copies in a large three ring binder with all of Primo's paperwork divided by Medical stuff, Agency stuff and WIC stuff.

The one other bit of paperwork I deal with is taking his medical form to each doctor appointment so the doctor can fill it out after each visit for my agency.  This is no problem if I remember to bring the form.  At our last appointment I forgot it.  My social worker had e-mailed me the form and I forgot to print it.  I was used to having the actual form in the diaper bag.  When I had asked for the physical form and the meds and appointments form she e-mailed the physical for for doctor visits, but still no medicine and doctor appointment form.

This caused me quite a panic.  Luckily I had a long drive to the doctor but all three of my teenage daughters were not answering their cell phones.  How can 3 teenagers have cell phones, while on Christmas break and not be answering them?  I just about blew a gasket. I finally reached Finola after leaving angry voice mails with all three girls.  I pay what seems like a fortune for those phones and the ONE time really need to talk to them no one answers!  I had visions of coming home from the appointment and cancelling all three phones!

Finola managed to print the form from my e-mail, but believe it or not had never sent a fax!  So I talked her through the process and then, once in the doctor's office I was given the wrong fax number by the receptionist, so the first fax was a fail.

I was called back for Primo's appointment and from there I text the correct fax number to Finola who tried the fax again.  By the end of the appointment the doctor checked with his staff and found no fax. 

I dressed a screaming Primo and headed out to reception and asked if the form had arrived.  They had a form that had arrived 30 minutes ago, but because it had no one's name on it they didn't know it was the form I was looking for.  We waited 30 more minutes for the doctor to fill out the form and finally headed home.

Sorry to digress, when I started this post it was supposed to be about my joy in realizing that the paperwork involved in foster care is not so bad.  But on that one day, the paperwork was a major PITA!  That is really my fault for forgetting the form, so all in all I think that without human error the paperwork I do every month is not as bad as I thought it would be.

Now if I could just get my hands on that *#@% Medicines and Doctor Appointment Monthly form!


  1. :) We don't have it that bad either because we are licensed through the state. All we have to do is the doctor/dentist form and the medication log form. I also keep a 3-ring binder with copies of everything, just in case.

    I've heard it really bad from my friends though. Different forms for different agencies, weekly behavior logs (or daily sometimes!), etc. Just glad I'm through the state.

  2. I've got about a million forms. (or at least it feels that way sometimes)
    Part of the reason I have to many is because Pumpkin is considered "specialized". I have to keep a daily log on her at least four times a year for a month. I also have daily med logs.
    All 3 of my kids have a daily recreation log. That one is so stupid though that I flat out told my worker that I was going to fill it out a month at a time.
    I detest the amount of paperwork that I have to keep track of. However, I do see the value in most of it. And, even if the reason I have so much is because of my agency, I do value the support that they give me for sure!!!

  3. I have 1 that I must give to our Fire Marshall on a yearly basis- One. I'm amazed when I hear about all the paperwork other foster parents have to keep up with! I actually created a binder and made my own forms and every caseworker has been in awe of it so far because foster parents never track anything.

    It's always so interesting to see the many differences of how each state (and even county) protects/cares/tracks their kids.