Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some things I've learned from foster care blogs...

# Nothing good happens in a timely fashion

$ Foster parents may be torn between wanting their children to stay with them forever while at the same time hoping and praying their children's bio parents get their act together and bring their children home

% Most people in the system are not punctual

@ It may be very difficult to tell which of the many people working on your child's case are working in the best interest of your child

* Children's time in care can drag on for years

! Blogging helps relieve the stress and provides an outlet for the many emotions brought on by working in foster care
These bullet points #$%@*! sum up the week I'm having


  1. Hang in there!! I hope your week gets better!!

  2. a-men sista! (also love your anonymity post - i have a few real life friends who know about it - but for the most part - nope)