Thursday, January 19, 2012


Mike and I are quickly approaching our one year anniversary of working with our foster care agency.  Our agency requires 16 hours of training a year.

To date I have read 3/4 of one book on foster care.  This is 100% more training than Mike has done. It is hard to find time for training when you are actively involved in foster care.  Specifically because of how hard it is to find a baby-sitter

In fact after E left, and it seemed like we would never have another child come to our home, I finally signed up for some training sessions. Truthfully, I figured signing up for over 10 hours of training in the upcoming month was a sure way to guarantee that we would receive a placement!  You know? the best laid plans and all that...

For training Mike and I may attend the monthly training sessions that our agency provides for free, read a book or two, and use a new website that has foster care training sessions online that our agency accepts.  I wonder if I could do all of the training online?

It's time to hit the training hard.

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  1. When we were licensed our agency required that half of our training hours had to be in person. Good luck getting your training completed!