Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stressful visits

Primo's visits have been getting a bit stressful.  He is having some separation anxiety and this leads to him crying for almost all of the time he is with his family.

I have made some new friends in the other foster moms who are waiting at the agency during visits and this has provided the ability for me to be able to leave during visits.  We go out to eat, or to a local market, or walk to some local attraction.  I could leave on my own, but it is always more fun with a destination in mind and a friend along.  Our agency is not in the best neighborhood in town (actually it is in a major city with a very high crime rate).

Once I came back about 20 minutes before Primo's visit ended and I heard him crying for the whole 20 minutes.  The whole waiting area could hear him, it was difficult for all of us to listen to.

Then last week when I was waiting with Primo for his parents to arrive one of the foster moms I don't know too well asked if I would please not leave during the visit.  It was just killing her to wait for her foster daughter and have to listen to Primo cry the whole hour.

There really isn't much I can do even if I do stay for the visit.  I would just be another foster parent or child sitting in the waiting room listening to my baby cry.

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  1. How painful! MamaFoster had that problem with her Lizzy. I can't imagine having to leave when the kids so obviously don't want to be there with their family.

    My Dude doesn't want to separate from me. In fact, he went to one visit to see "Mommy" and got very, very confused when he got there and I wasn't at that visit. He didn't want to see his bio mom at all. I was told that eventually he warmed up though.

    This is another one of those crappy parts of foster care! Hang in there. And I'd still plan on leaving during the visits. There's nothing you can do from the waiting room and I'm sure it's quite painful for your heart to listen to Primo go through that!!