Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Upcoming court

I received some good advice about whether to attend Primo's next court date from your comments on my post titled To go or not to go.

Today the social worker from Primo's lawyer's office called (she calls before every court date and comes out to the house every three months) and informed me of the actual court date, I had been given a different date from my agency.

Primo's social worker does not think I need to go to court, and now his lawyer's social worker doesn't think I should go.  She said I don't have any legal standing in court until Primo has been with us for 6 months.  She also said that right now court dates are about his parents and their issues and not so much about what may happen with Primo.  But Primo's social worker told me this court hearing may determine the direction of the case, meaning that this case may change from reunification to adoption.


  1. I always try to go regardless of what the caseworkers say. Sometimes I get the feeling they are trying a little too hard to keep me away, and it makes me EVEN MORE determined to be there. I go just so I can have some CLUE as to what is going on in my kids' cases because goodness knows, their caseworkers aren't going to tell me anything important! I tend to have really good interactions with the birth parents at court as well. Court dates are sometimes the ONLY opportunities I have to meet with my kids' parents, so I try to be there if at all possible.

  2. I go regardless of what the caseworkers say too.