Thursday, March 22, 2012

A chronic case...

that pretty much describes my rule following.  For as long as I can remember I have found comfort in boundaries and rules.  I can't trace this back to a specific or pivotal event in my life, it feels like I was born with this chronic condition.

As you may imagine having a chronic case of rule following can make it excruciatingly difficult to be involved in foster care.

I'm also a very practical girl, I don't just follow rules for the sake of rules, but for the structure they offer to my life, the safety they provide for society in general or for the ability they provide to avoid unwanted consequences.  I don't want to sell myself as someone who has never broken a rule, there are good and thoughtful rules and then some arbitrary ones that are just not practical to everyday life.


What I was thinking about when I started this post has more to do with the rules that govern social workers, bio parents, county workers, and foster parents, you know the law of the land and those pesky little court orders involving visitation, random drug tests (which are in no way random), case plans etc?

It bothers me to the extreme when the people involved in Primo's case do not follow the court's orders.  The "system" is slow and cumbersome and often impractical.  I know that, but it seems that if everyone did as the judge asked we may all be happier and more children would be able to go home to their families.

The risk involved in violating a court order does not seem worth it to this chronic rule follower.  

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  1. So glad you are pressing on despite the very broken system! Blessings!