Monday, March 26, 2012

Help wanted

Baby products have changed a lot during the more than 10 years since I last had an infant or toddler. 

Many of the changes are good.  I love the new key fit car seats, bumbos, more fashionable diaper bags, better bottle systems and the huge selection of organic baby foods.

However when it comes to purchasing toys, clothing, bibs and blankets, all things that end up in baby's mouth, I'm hard pressed to find anything that is not made in China. Most toys these days are plastic and require batteries.

I have a few classic or wooden toys left from my bio children's baby-hoods, but I would love to know where to buy more for Primo.  Are there any clothing and blankets still made in America?

On one of the morning news shows this week there was a segment about the growing demand for American made baby products in China.  A San Fransisco native of Chinese descent has opened a number of stores in China full of these American products, especially baby foods and formula, but also toys, diapers and wipes.  

Where do YOU find clothing and toys that are not made in China?

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  1. Melissa and Doug make nice kids toys and some are still made in the US. They have great classic toys.