Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early Intervention

An early childhood intervention team of 4 came out to our house to evaluate Primo.  No one involved in his case suspected that he had any delays, but given his birth experience we wanted to be sure.

I have always felt that he is on target for his age and doing very well, but I was interested in what the pros thought.

The two hour appointment lasted about an hour and 45 minutes, of which only 20 minutes was spent evaluating Primo.  He is obviously developing well and is even a bit advanced for his age in fine motor skills.

The rest of the appointment was filled with wonderful conversations about foster care, child raising and bonding.  I learned a lot, and all of these women were so vibrant and happy in their work.

I LOVE it when one of Primo's many appointments goes this way.  In my limited foster care experience it is rare that any appointment starts on time (or even shows up) or that there is enough time to have a meaningful conversation.

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