Monday, April 23, 2012

Foster Parent Fatigue

fatigue |fəˈtēg|
1 extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness : he was nearly dead with fatigue.
• a reduction in the efficiency of a muscle or organ after prolonged activity.
• weakness in materials, esp. metal, caused by repeated variations of stress : metal fatigue.
• [with adj. ] a lessening in one's response to or enthusiasm for something, typically as a result of overexposure to it : museum fatigue.

I am tired.  Primo has been with us 7 months and nothing in his case has really changed, with the exception of his visits.

I have spoken with everyone I can think of about his case.  Our social worker, her supervisor and the kid's lawyer and DH$.  Mostly I just get the company line, which amounts to nothing.

My favorite response to my questions about the length of time Primo's brothers have been in care (over three years) was this, and I quote: "It can't go on forever".  This is little solace for all of us involved in this case.

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  1. I'm feeling your fatigue. Every time I think about both of the cases in my home right now I feel fatigue! There is no excuse for letting children languish in foster care!!! Because sometimes...these cases do go on forever. Until the kids age out that is.

    Sad. Very sad!