Friday, May 4, 2012


Finola has just decided which college she will attend in August.  This was an intense process of visiting schools, filling out the FAFSA, deciding what area of the country she wanted to live in and how we would be able to pay for college without taking on too much debt.

To be honest it was exhausting.

A few weeks ago we made a last minute trip to one last college.  As I sat in a classroom listening to professors speak about the advantages of their program of study, I was overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and longing, my heart was calling out: I want Primo to have THIS!  I want him to have the option of going to college.

I know that not everyone will go to college, I know not everyone needs to go to college. 

However I want Primo to have the option of choosing what he wants to do.  I want to heap opportunities on him, love and guide him and provide for him.  I wish for him to grow up to be confident, happy, healthy and loving.


  1. It is so hard to know that if only they could stay with us they could have so many more opportunities than if they went (insert the next place). Of course that's not always true, but when it is its hard to stay objective and remember its in God's hands.

  2. You are so right. I'm struggling a bit with letting God be in charge. I love Primo so much and want him to have a good life. I know that the best case scenario is for him to be able grow up safely with his siblings and parents.