Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clothing Inventory, a blast from the past?

I had to fill out a clothing inventory a while back.  It was interesting to see what my agency/DH$ thought were appropriate quantities of clothing.

For an child from 0-1year the minimum pairs of shoes expected was 2.  A child from 6-13 was only required to have one pair of shoes.

Now where I come from infants/non-walking babies don't wear shoes. My babies went barefoot in the summer and wore socks or booties during cooler weather.

As I continue to do foster care I am beginning to realize that shoes for babies may be a cultural issue?

I also found it interesting that all children regardless of age needed to have between 5-10 undershirts.  I have to admit that once my children outgrew wearing onesies I have never in my life bought another undershirt, say for a toddler or older.

I enjoyed the fact than once a child turns 4 years old they are required to have 9 pair of socks/pantyhose.  Never in my life did I imagine children wearing pantyhose.

When a girl turns 10 she is required to have 7 bras and 1 slip, minimum.  Do you know how almost impossible it is to find a slip these days.  I had given up when my oldest was 16, occasionally I could find one at Sears, but that was about the extent of stores in my area who sold slips.   I can also say with certainty that while I was buying my girls bras they never had more than 3, maybe 4 if they had a sports bra at a time.  Now that they buy there own they may have more, but 7 seems rather a lot.

I think it is a bit odd to require a minimum of 7 bras for one child while only asking a foster parent to buy one pair of shoes for that same child.

Maybe it is time to take a fresh look at the clothing inventory form?

After I typed the above line, I scanned the form for a revised date, this clothing inventory form was revised in 2011?  Hmm...


  1. Wow. Your clothing inventory is different from mine. Ours isn't broken down by age group.
    Bras (girls only) - 4
    Underwear - 12
    Dresses (girls only) - 1
    PJs - 2
    Socks - 8
    Shirts (all kinds!) - 8
    Shoes - 2
    Pants - 7
    Coat - 2
    Swim suit - 1
    Shorts - 5

    It's interesting how these things are different everywhere. When we fostered in Iowa we didn't even have an inventory sheet to keep.

    The quantities on our sheet seem rather small to me - at least for shirts. I want at least 7 shirts for each season. Oh, who's kidding kids all inventoried just a week ago with over 25 shirts each. I like variety. :)

  2. Yet another reason I'm licensed straight through the county. There is no such thing as a clothing inventory. Do they have the appropriate clothing on at any given time? Yep? Ok then that's the standard :)