Monday, June 11, 2012


There is court today.  I have no idea what time and I have little idea of what the outcome will be.  I called many times, weeks in advance to find out the actual time and courtroom, but no one returned my calls.  In this very large city it is not common for foster parents to go to court or to show any interest in going to court.

Primo's lawyer says nothing will change in court today.  Primo's new worker says his parents are ready to have their children back.  I say I will be nauseated all day.


  1. Ugh! The worst! Praying for peace.

  2. It's like that where I am too. I hate not knowing what is going on even if I don't expect anything to happen. And then the waiting to find out-ugh! Hope your day goes by fast and you hear something before the day is out!

  3. Praying! Not knowing is the hardest. I can't believe that they didn't inform you about the time and location of the hearing, though. I hope you hear something soon.

  4. oh my... we are required to be CONTACTED... we don't have to attend but we do... raised a stink when they mixed up times and we missed an appointment...