Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's complicated...

just about sums up foster care in general and Primo's case in particular.

A lot has come out in the last week.  Things are happening, but as you all know nothing happens until the judge says it happens.

After quite a few sleepless nights and way too much talking about the 'what ifs', I have come to a place of semi-acceptance.  This case has to play out and I have to let go of my need to control.  There is so little control to be found as a foster parent, so I am choosing to focus on caring for Primo in the best way I know how. 

Primo is an amazing little boy, he is happy, independent and friendly.  He loves all of us and is so excited to see us after we've been apart.  As far as he is concerned we are his family.  We will continue to be his family until told otherwise by the judge or DH$.  This is not an easy system to live under, but it's all we've got right now.


  1. Hey Mitzy,
    Just touching base.... we are still here and reading, hoping you and yours are all still doing good.. sounds like we are all still going through the same things with the red tape et al....
    hope your having a good summer....
    John and Diane

  2. it's complicated... sigh... too true!