Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to life, back to reality...

We spent an absolutely lovely two weeks on vacation last month.  Primo's parents graciously signed the papers allowing us to take him out of state.

Our vacation was just a wee bit less relaxing with Primo along, but he LOVED it.  He thrives on new experiences and there was so much 'new' to be had during our travels, we hit the ocean and the mountains and lakes!

I was willing to trade a little of my own relaxation so that Primo did not have to spend two weeks with strangers in respite care.

Time away was just what our family needed during this summer, which I have to say, feels like the busiest summer I have ever experience since having children.

The surprise for me was the realization of how sweet two weeks away from "the system" would feel.  In fact I didn't even appreciate the lower stress levels until I took Primo for his first post vacation visit.

At that visit I was slammed with all the drama and uncertainty of foster care.  I am not sure how to stay out of the vicious cycle of gossip and third hand news that characterizes this case?  These things along with having no contact with Primo's DH$ worker leads me to often feel anxious and exhausted after visits.

What do YOU do to relieve the stress of the uncertainty of your children's future and visit fall out?

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