Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clearance Time

It is that time of year again, the time when all of the current season's clothing and accessories start to go on sale to make room for the next season.

I have to say I am always surprised to find such great deals on summer clothing when I feel there is still a lot of summer still to come.

When my daughters were young it was second nature for me to shop clearance sales for next years clothes.  As they got older I dropped this practice and they started buying their own clothes.

So, when Primo came around and I remembered that my giant foster care manual stated that I should send my foster babies back to their parents or on to their next home with a full years wardrobe I was a bit perplexed.

I read some great blog posts by you all about how to shop frugally for future clothing and slowly got back in the saddle of discount and future shopping.

Given Primo's growth rate and size now I decided that he will probably be wearing 3T next summer.

I shop in a combination of ways:

1. I am always checking out clearance and sale items wherever I shop and adding to Primo's future wardrobe.

2. When the change of season sales start I buy larger quantities of clothing on clearance, don't forget things like socks and underwear!

3. I check out ebay and Craig's List for large lots of clothing. I LOVE buying in bulk.

4. I also frequent my favorite resale shops for children to find higher end clothing items for a lot less money.

5. Use the internet to shop your favorite brick and mortar stores, there are great clearance deals and often free shipping.

All of the above also work for finding great deals on toys, books or puzzles that will be attractive to Primo as he moves into new developmental stages too.

This may seem time consuming, and it felt that way in the beginning, but it has become second nature and part of my routine.  It has paid off, in that as Primo grows I am always ready with new clothes for him.  I don't have to go out and buy a new wardrobe at full price (which is what I did in the early sleep deprived days when he was growing so quickly), and he has great quality and good looking clothes all the time for at least half the cost.

As much as I hate to think of Primo leaving our home and family I feel good knowing that he will leave here with everything he needs in his new home. That wherever he goes there will be some relief of the financial burden of providing for him in that new home and that having his own things will make his transition easier for all involved, especially Primo.

I should add that I do remove all tags and launder Primo's future wardrobes too.  I do this to remove the temptation that may occur, when looking at a large amount of brand new clothing, to sell the clothing for money for other things.

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