Monday, July 30, 2012

I didn't buy the stroller...

 a little update to what I wrote here.

A little question here: What have you bought for, or given to your foster child's/children's parents? And how did that work out for you and the parents?


  1. Good for you. :) I know even these little decisions can become incredibly important in the realm of foster care.

    I gave Pumpkin's mom a booster car seat when Pumpkin was reunified with her in Sept. 2011. However, when she came back in to care eleven days later, somehow the car seat didn't come with all her belongings.

  2. I've only ever sent toys or equipment home with my kids when they leave foster care. I sent Baby 1 home with a Johnny Jumper because it was his favorite at our house. I sent 2 big ride on trucks home with 2&3 for the same reason. I think it benefits the kids to have something familiar when everything else has changed.

    When Baby 1 started doing overnight visits, I sent a case of formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, and 4 outfits so that I didn't have to pack a bag for him every week. When we went to court the next month, the Bio's lawyer stood up and bragged about all the formula, food, and diapers his client had in the home already. The lawyer said it proved he had the forethought to anticipate his child's needs. Now I pack a bag every visit. When the kids are in care, I want CPS to see what the parent is actually capable of. If they need supplies, I want them to be resourceful to get them.

  3. Just read your whole blog, start to current! (And my foster baby is sleeping on my chest as I read it!) Thanks for sharing, it is such a help to read your experiences.

  4. I have given ours things that were left over from our rummage sale that we didn't want to just throw away because for 1 they were nice things and 2 they were household items and extras and she had just got her apartment at a rehabilitation facility.

    We didn't get a thank you...but then again, didn't do it for the thank you!