Monday, July 23, 2012

Squirty Food

This type of baby food was not around when my daughters were little. 

I had noticed it in the stores for the last many months when picking up other things for Primo in the baby section.  I never quite understood what the point of this kind of packaging was.  Was it just a new cool way to package baby food?

I didn't touch the stuff for the longest time, but they often had interesting combos of food so I picked a few up when we were packing for vacation.  I figured it was easier to travel with than the glass jars.

I am now completely addicted to buying baby food this way.  Primo doesn't eat much baby food any more, but this stuff is awesome for a day on the beach or for anytime you are away from the house for a long time.  Just twist off the cap and dinner, lunch, breakfast or snack is served!

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