Saturday, August 4, 2012

Primo Update

The most important part of our foster care experience is Primo.

Despite the angst I have while navigating the foster care system, the frustration with social workers, judges and lawyers and the hard work of scheduling and getting to and from all of the appointments that make up the job of foster care, I would not trade our time with Primo for ANYTHING!

He is an amazing little boy.  He is feeding himself, beginning to say a few words, smiling, clapping, waving, crawling like the wind, standing on his own, giving hugs and kisses... you name it, he does it, everything he should be doing at his age!

Primo is big and bold and happy, his smiles light up a room.

He is bonded with us as his family and he loves to meet new people and try new things, he is an outgoing little guy.

I will be eternally grateful for the time I and my family have had with Primo.

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