Thursday, August 9, 2012


that's what Primo's family visits have become this summer.  Primo has gone weeks without seeing his family.

It was becoming a bit of a pattern for Primo and I to drive an hour to get to his visit, wait for an hour and then drive home.  Thankfully the social worker is now letting us wait for only half an hour before we drive home.  This is the worst case scenario.  I am not fond of preparing and packing for a visit, driving to said visit and then turning around and driving home.

What has begun to happen more often now is this: 15 minutes before I would put Primo in the car to go to his visit I get a call letting me know that the visit has been canceled.  This is better, but sometimes I've already woken Primo up early from his nap to head in to the visit.

I continue to hope that Primo's visits will get back to their regularly scheduled frequency as the summer draws to a close.

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