Tuesday, August 14, 2012

True Dat Tuesday

My favorite department store was having a very tempting sale on Levi's baby boy jeans this week.  So, off I went to pick up a new pair for Primo.  I looked at the many stacks of jeans and realized that none of them were exactly blue.  Some were black, some were a slightly metallic unrecognizable color, there were extremely faded blues with some dirt color thrown in etc..

I grabbed a 24 mos. size pair that were as close to blue as I could find and held them up to take a look before heading to the cash register.

Now remember I have only bought one pair of baby boy jeans EVER, a lovely pair of 12 mos. size, basic blue, basic jeans at Target.  These jeans looked different, I couldn't figure out exactly what was not right about them.  I turned them this way and that and then looked carefully at the tag, ah-ha, they were straight leg skinny fit????  WHAT?

I literally had to spend 20 minutes finding a pair of straight leg relaxed fit.  There were 4 types of jeans on sale and three of them were skinny fit. 

I guess all the other Moms got there before me and bought up all the relaxed fit baby boy jeans and all that were left were A LOT of skinny fit baby boy jeans, bah!


  1. Skinny fit BABY jeans?! Oh my goodness!!!

  2. I put all our babies in skinny jeans. They're ridiculous, but so cute :)

  3. I just never knew that such a thing existed. I saw a whole hanging row of jeggings for baby girls, I can understand these more than skinny jeans for babies. At least you can move freely in a pair of leggings, but the skinny jeans for babies? It didn't seem possible for a diaper to fit in them let alone room for crawling etc. But it would seem they are functional if Teresa can fit her babies in them. Choice is the name of the game.