Friday, September 28, 2012

Another benefit of going to court

was that I got to spend some time with Primo's parents without him being with us. This really has improved our relationship, which was already pretty good, but this brought us all a little closer.

I know the foster care system in my city involves a lot of exposure to the parents of our foster kids. We see them at every visit, before and after in the waiting room.  Because we also wait for Primo's siblings to arrive at visits sometime we spend quite a bit of time together caring for Primo. So far this has worked for Primo's parents and Mike and I.

I have also observed, while hanging out in the agency waiting room while Primo has his visits, that sometimes all this contact between foster parents and bio parents doesn't work well. I have seen shouting matches between foster Moms and bio Moms, and after one such event I noticed that the next week those foster children were with a different foster Mom.

I bet all of us who spend time in the waiting rooms of our foster care agencies or county offices have witnessed some interesting interactions, and by interesting I mean good, bad, scary, happy, sad and loving stuff.

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