Thursday, October 25, 2012

How late is too late?

I'm punctual, it's almost a compulsion, it is difficult for me to be fashionably late to parties.

I work hard to be on time to foster care appointments and visits. I was late once, I showed up at 4:01 for a 4 o'clock visit.

At my agency foster parents are allowed to leave after waiting 30 minutes for parents to arrive for a visit. Although I have waited as long as an hour, early on in Primo's case, but now the social worker is very clear that I may leave after waiting 30 min.

When parents call and let us know that they will be 45 min. late things get dicey. Do we wait or go home? The other thing that gets me upset is showing up on time to pick up from a visit and having to wait 40 minutes past the pick up time for the kids to arrive.

I wonder what would happen if I waited 30 minutes past the end time of a visit and then just went home when the kids were not back yet?

What are your agency's rules about waiting times?


  1. It's not up to our agency where I'm at. This one is governed by CPS in our area. I've been told that we are to wait 15 minutes. If the parents haven't called or shown up by that time we are to leave.

  2. Our agency is very considerate of the foster parents and their time. My girls are picked up and taken to their visits and then I go get them. The transporter will bring them back after 10-15 minutes.