Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last winter when I was shopping the clearance racks for Primo's next winters wardrobe I couldn't help but imagine him wearing these new cozy clothes at his adoptive home where he and his brothers would be raised together.

Now as the weather cools I'm dressing Primo in these very same clearance sweaters and pants and feeling a bit sad that the adoptive home I imagined last year has fallen through.

At present I find myself imagining Primo wearing his new warm pajamas later this winter when he is back with his parents. Every time I dress him I wonder if his parents will like his clothes? Will there be enough of them to get him through a year without his Mom and Dad having to buy more?

Just another one of the ups and downs of foster care. Around here they come in three month seasons that follow the outcome of Primo's court dates. For a season I think he will be adopted with his brothers, during a happy summer I think maybe he will stay with us forever, and as a new season dawns I'm thinking of Primo being reunited with his bio family.

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