Tuesday, October 9, 2012

shots and skinny jeans

Having just completed Primo's first year of immunizations I've realized that there must be many more shots for kids under one than there were when my kids were young, or maybe I just rejected some of the more mundane immunizations.

Take chicken pox, for example, my pediatrician didn't even recommend this shot when my kids were little, unless, and I quote: "You are all heading to Disney". My kids all got chicken pox, and now they have life long immunity (in most cases). Primo has had the immunization, he will need a booster when he is older. Hopefully he gets the booster, if not he may get chicken pox as an adult which is much more serious than catching chicken pox as a child.

The last time we were at the pediatrician Primo got 4 shots, two in each leg and had his toes pricked for blood multiple times, a good time it was not.


You may remember what I wrote a while ago about skinny jeans for babies. As often happens to me in life, as soon as I express an opinion about something specific I have never experienced, life has a way of bringing that opinion back to me for a second look, once I have walked in the shoes, as they say for a mile or so. Primo received a pair of skinny jeans for his birthday. Of course I didn't even realize they were skinny jeans til I put them on him. He looked so cute and a little bizarre at the same time. Not saying I would purchase any skinny jeans, but Primo knows how to rock skinny jeans and he receives many compliments when he wears them. I still change him out of the skinny jeans for naps, I just cannot imagine that they are sleep compatible.

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