Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm having one of those days.

In my mind I call these days foster care days.

This is a day when my emotions hover close to the surface.

Everything makes me feel like crying, EVERYTHING.

I equate every real life or TV situation to foster care.

I rage inside about how unfair life is while at the same time feeling guilty about all of the support, love, opportunity and community my children have experienced.

I want to wake Primo up from his nap to hug and kiss him, seriously who wants to wake a toddler from a nap!

These are days when the chasm between foster care and my life seems so very wide.

Is there a bridge wide enough?

I am the bridge and on days like today I feel like I might snap.

I need to be shored up.

I need to understand how the so called fluke of birth places some children into comfy homes and lives and for others?

they land in the middle of a big mess.

How can we level the playing field?

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