Thursday, November 8, 2012

When love is away

Mike has been away for work all week. It has been a long week. Primo has been sick,whiny and clingy.

As the week progressed and Primo felt better he still seemed out of sorts. He cried at the drop of a hat. He shunned the sisters he usually loves to see and play with after school.

He screamed in disappointment and despair when one morning while I was getting him dressed Dolly knocked on his bedroom door (you know to be sure she wouldn't brain him when she opened the door) and came in to say good bye as she headed out to school.

This event finally drove home the point that Primo was really missing Mike.

You see this is Mike's routine with Primo: every morning while Mike showers and gets ready for work Primo and I clean up from breakfast and go to Primo's room to get him dressed for the day. Every morning when Mike is ready for work he knocks on Primo's door and comes in to say good bye to both of us. Primo loves opening up his door and leaping into Mike's arms for hugs and kisses.

Primo and Mike are tight. They spend most evenings together and a lot of time on the weekends. Primo LOVES Mike, to him Mike is excitement, new experiences and fun food, you know the type, the parent who lets you empty out the contents of the kitchen cabinets and throw everything you find hither thither and doesn't make you help clean it up? In other words, the fun parent.

This week is the first week that Mike has spent away from Primo, ever. Clearly Primo is not happy about the disruption to his routine and the absence of Mike. He clings to me, but he is unhappy with many of my attempts to comfort him. Primo wants his MIKE!

This whole week has got me thinking about Primo going to live with his parents. I believe I now have a glimpse into how this will feel for him and how it will be for his parents, not easy.

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