Saturday, December 8, 2012

And he's back...

to crying in anger and disappointment every time he sees his parents at a visit.

I know part of his behavior is manipulative, but at the same time I know he is also just expressing his feelings in the moment. This sucks for his parents and makes drop offs and pick ups a little awkward for all of us. I'm also surprised that this is happening months after starting unsupervised day visits.

Court is coming up right before Christmas and I think the lawyers for Primo's parents are going to try for weekend visits. We have been doing day visits since the last court date.

Primo has now been in foster care for well over a year and while I understand that this is not a long stay in the scheme of all things foster care, for a child a few months past his first birthday it is forever. For us as a family it seems like a long time.

We are all on edge about the up coming court date, the thought of Primo being gone during weekends, and the fact that we are going to be transitioning Primo home over the holidays. I have to admit that all of this takes a bit of the light and fun out of our Christmas anticipation.


  1. This isn't easy stuff! And yes, it's really hard watching behaviors develop because cases drag on and on. I feel your pain!!

  2. There is a never an easy time for the transition, but it really stinks that it is around Christmas. Sorry.