Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas/Holidays related question???

It seems like everyone sends photo cards for Christmas these days.

Do you include your foster child/ children in your Christmas/Holiday card photo?


  1. Last year we didn't. We were new to fostering and a lot of people on our list didn't know that we were a foster family, so they would have been confused.

    This year we did. Mostly because that was the only photo we thought came out well, but we also feel like this year everyone who's getting a photo card already knows what's going on.

    It's tricky -- to me -- because I feel like they should be included (they are a part of the family for this Christmas), but I worry about the confidentiality aspect of it (am I over-sharing their story with people who don't need to know?)

    I'll be interested to hear other responses....

  2. We do! We've had a different family for the last 4 Christmas cards and I love looking back at them. Everyone who gets our cards have seen our kids, so we've never run into the issue of explaining who everyone is in the picture.

  3. We've just been approved so this hasn't come up yet, but next year, if we've had a placement a little while and they've met our family and friends, I think we will :)

  4. We were told we were not allowed. I was so bummed as I had the cutest photo of all of them. :(

  5. We usually send out a family picture of our bio family and then I put in a wallet of all the kids (bio plus foster) to anyone who knows we foster. I hesitate to send out a pic of ALL of us (bio plus foster) as the ONE card because 1) some people don't know we are currently fostering and will end up calling my parents saying "who is that little boy" and also I don't want people to think we are trying to brag that we foster. So, if they already know we foster they get the wallet and several families keep that wallet picture up for years. =)