Sunday, January 13, 2013

In past few months there has been a lot going on in Primo's case. Because of this, and because every 6 months there is supposed to be a new plan of action drawn up as to which direction a case is headed there is this VERY important meeting that was supposed to happen months ago.

I have read on other blogs that this is sometimes referred to as a "staffing", I don't know if this type of meeting has an official name around these parts. Basically it is a meeting of "all parties", with the exception of the foster parents, (although I do believe we are allowed to be there, but we have not been invited to be at the meeting) to discuss the case and decide if reunification or permanency (adoption, or kinship placement etc.) is the goal.

This meeting to decide the future of Primo and his brothers has now been rescheduled 4 times. I know it is difficult to get all the lawyers, social workers, supervisors and parents in one place at one time, so I am praying everyday that the meeting happens sometime this month so that we can figure out what exactly DH$ has in mind for Primo's future.


  1. In our case this would be called a permanency conference. A staffing in our neck of the woods only happens with CPS.

    I really hope this gets worked out for you all soon!

  2. I can't stand all the hurry-up-and-wait with foster care/adoption. Four reschedules - that's crazy!