Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've been thinking about finding a foster care support group. I have read mixed reviews on other foster care blogs about support groups.

Do you attend a support group? If so, what do you like or dislike about it?


  1. I'm in a couple online groups. I don't have the time or ability to go to one in person. Besides, there isn't a "real" group close to me that I'm aware of. What our agency offers is NOT a support group. At best we get together for a training session and end up complaining about this rule or that. --- I WISH I had access to real, local support.

  2. Do you have any foster parent associations nearby? I belong to one but don't attend regularly purely because it's yet another thing to do that I just can't do.

    I used to be part of a faith-based group that I loved. It was with some of my friends, we earned training hours for it, and I enjoyed the fellowship.

  3. Our church has a foster care support group that we would like to join. Our training for foster care will start in June, so we are still in the planning stages and have not joined the group.

    However, it would probably be fine if we joined soon, so that we can continue to get additional information and tips. I have not checked out any online support groups in our area. On the to-do list.

  4. I do hope you're able to find one. A good support group can be so beneficial. :) By the way, I'm Alicia (everyone calls me Alicia Marie, though). I'm coming from

    Hubs and I are in the process of becoming foster parents, and I ran across your blog.

  5. I'd love to share my blog page with you all. I have a foster parent forum page where foster parents can ask questions of each other, offer encouragement, share resources etc. Come check it out!