Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My teens are really getting under my skin. This is nothing out of the ordinary, it has happened with every one of my teenagers. 

But when all of them are up in arms and agitating at the the same time it feels a bit overwhelming. Shake in a little foster care drama and...well? YOU know!

Anywho, I have decided to institute a new routine in our house:

Twice a month I will meet with each of my teens, individually, and will ask them to list two things I'm doing well to support them, make their life better, etc.. And then, and this really scares me a bit, I will ask them to share with me two things I could improve on. In return I will share with them two things I feel that they are doing well and also one thing that could use some improvement along with how I can support them in this area of their life.

I'm hoping this will help all of us have more positive communications.

In the past I had thought that doing foster care when my kids were younger would be more difficult than starting foster care when my children were older. I will never know for sure what the difference would have been for my children, but I'm quite surprised by how difficult foster care has been for my teens.

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