Friday, May 24, 2013


The end of another week, the end of this particular week marks Primo's 88th week in foster care. That is 616 days with out his parents and siblings. Enough time for Primo to come to believe that we are his family.

Truth be told I'm not sure there could be enough visits in one week for Primo to have maintained his bond with his parents. The bottom line is that he is afraid of them. This is very painful for all of us. His fear is developmentally normal.

With the addition of Primo's baby sibling visits have changed. He's lost his place as the baby and become the whinny toddler. This is very painful for me to watch. He plays with his older brothers during visits, but tries his best to avoid his parents.

Primo is still screaming at the start of each visit and periodically during the visit also. His baby sibling cries A LOT during visits. I can't imagine what it feels like for three adults and 4 children to be stuck in a small room for hours with all the crying, not to mention clawing at the door to get out that Primo does during visits?!

At the end of this 88th week the all of this sadness and disappointment is starting to feel quite heavy. I'm not sure how Primo's parents have survived the last 5 years.


  1. Poor Primo. That's way too long :( Any hope of things wrapping up soon?

  2. There's always hope the case could be wrapped up, but not so far. Maybe by the end of the Summer.